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Terms and Conditions:

You will be responsible for ensuring your order is moved to refrigerated or frozen storage on the date of delivery. Meats must be cooked or frozen within 2 days of delivery to ensure freshness. 

Shipping Disclaimer: John Henry’s is not responsible for shipping delays caused by errors in your requested delivery address. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for orders that are delivered on time but not properly stored after delivery. Our shipping coolers and ice packs are designed to keep your order fresh and cool like a refrigerator until it arrives to you. We even pack extra ice packs just in case your order is delayed in transit. If your order is delayed please call us immediately, we might be able to help. Please make sure the delivery location you select will not pose a risk to your delivery. We cannot be responsible for improper handling or theft of packages once they are left at your selected delivery location. 

Canceling an Order Disclaimer: All customers are able to cancel their order but only under the following conditions. You must call or email us within 2 business days before your order is shipped out for us to cancel your order. No refund will be given to anyone whose meats have already been cut by our butchers. If your meat has not been cut or you contacted us 2 business days before, the deposit paid for your order will be given back as credit in your wallet that is located in your account. 

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